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A Tradition Begun in 1795 Lives On For Pianists Today

From the moment the first key was pressed 225 years ago, the demand for perfection has never relented. Today we are proud to offer examples of that devotion to the art of piano building with the finest instruments to carry the Ritmüller name.

Ritmüller Classic

An exquisite selection of instruments that is the perfect companion for any musical journey.

Ritmüller Superior

Designed to provide the finest in touch and tone for the pure Ritmüller experience.

Ritmüller Premium

Unmistakable in its design,
unique in its sound, this is the ultimate Ritmüller.

Ritmüller Supreme

An incredible achievement in European design and all-German craftsmanship.

Prodigy Player Pianos

Now playing an acoustic piano is enhanced with technology that plays it for you.